Arm Movements

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The fundamental movements of
Ben Otake's Shin Shin Mugendo system
are as follows:

The Basic Arm Movement Pattern
roughly describes a Figure Eight,
or more appropriately, the Infinity Symbol.

Infinity Symbol

This movement is done in two basic ways,
one on the outside of the arm
and the other on the inside.
The figure eight drill incorporates
all the blocking and striking movements.
The focus is directed toward the various joints.
Focusing on the wrist is utilized when escaping
from a hold or to capture an arm.
Focusing on the elbow is used for blocks and strikes.
Focusing on the shoulder is employed
for locks and throws.

Press the > button on the controls to play.

Notice that drills become an integral part
of learning the method. There is no way to teach techniques
to handle every possible attack. The Drills are designed
such that they deal with general principles.

The DVD "Fundamental Arm Movements and Drills"
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