Bunkai-Application Katas


"Bunkai" is an excellent method for learning
various self defense techniques.
In bunkai, two people square off, and one acts as the attacker.
The second person then practices the moves against the attack.
These moves are prearranged.

Bunkai 1

There are two bunkai in Ben Otake's Shin Shin Mugendo.
The first bunkai is a series of general
self defense moves. These moves are not meant
to be specific techniques, but instead are general principles
which may be used against various attackers.

Bunkai 2

You will notice as you do the movements in the bunkai
that you are using the basic arm movement.
The second bunkai is called "morote" bunkai.
Morote means two hands, and this practice shows you
how to use two hands together in augmenting blocks
or to accomplish a technique.
The emphasis is that the two hands are constantly
working together. Again, the moves are not meant to be
specific techniques but only a means to practice principles.

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