Fighting Methods

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Unarmed fighting methods may be divided into two broad categories:
those that utilize impact or percussive techniques
and those that involve some form of grappling.
Percussive techniques include striking, kicking or thrusting.
Grappling includes throwing, joint locks, choking, or hold-down techniques.
Most fighting styles specialize in one of the above methods of fighting or the other.
However, in real life situations
we do not have the ability to choose our opponents' form of attack.
We need to be able to use any form of fighting to our own advantage.
Programming oneself to fight instinctively,
without regard to the form of attack,
takes repetitive training.

Shin Shin Mugendo was developed by Ben Otake
as a means to integrate all methods of fighting
using principles of martial arts, physics, and biomechanics.
It is meant to incorporate both
percussive methods and grappling methods,
moving seamlessly from one to the other.
Mind and body unity is essential for this integration.

Shin Shin Mugendo translates as "Mind/Body Infinite Way".
The first character of the inscription below, "shin",
is pronounced "sheen" and means Mind.
The second character is also pronounced "sheen", but means Body.
The Mu-gen-do characters represent Infinite Way.

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