Nage Waza-Throwing Techniques


Throws in Shin Shin Mugendo,
which was developed by Ben Otake,
are slightly different than in Judo or Jujitsu.
The reason is that one cannot necessarily
start from a grabbing position.

Nage 1

Also, there is no need to throw a person on his back
to get a clean "ippon", or full point.
We need only disrupt the attack to apply the counter.

Nage 2

However, the principles of "kuzushi",
breaking the opponent's balance, should be understood
for throws to be accomplished successfully.
Kuzushi must be applied either with or without a grab.
It can easily be applied while grabbing by
pulling or pushing. Without a grab, Kuzushi
can be accomplished by punching or striking,
thereby forcing your opponent to move.


Nage 3

The basic arm movements are also used to
break the balance and to complete the throw.
The footwork patterns are also used for this purpose.
Basic drills are done against front hand punches
and in step punches. In addition, there is an
active drill used against someone attempting to grab.

Nage 4

Remember that in actual fighting the throw is not
necessarily the end of the fight. You must be
prepared to apply other techniques if the
attacker is not disabled.


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